Who We are

Masala Ramabulana Holdings (MRH) is multidisciplinary consulting, technology and engineering company that deliver products, services and solutions across an array of business sectors through its operational divisions and subsidiaries.

Holdings Structure

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At the core of Masala Ramabulana Holdings’ business model are Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Growth Enablers and Value-Creating Strategies. These essential ingredients enable MRH to operate in and service a wide sphere of sectors. The exchange of know-how and information between the product divisions promotes innovative ideas and cross-industry developments.

Sectors of Activity


  • MiPower Electric Bus
  • MRH Specialised Plant Hire
  • MHR Transport & Plant Hire
  • MRH Heavy Haulage
  • Gaslyft Tyres
  •

    Asset Tracking & Management

  • MRH Asset Solutions
  • MRH Fleet Management
  •

    Solar Plant & Battery systems O&M

  • New Energy
  •

    Engineering & EPC

  • MRH Engineering
  • MiPower Engineering
  • MRH Water Supply & Drilling
  •

    ICT & Financial Services

  • The Naked Scientists
  •

    Accounting & Advisory Services

  • MRH Accounting and Business Advisory
  •

    Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Liquid Science Aqua
  • The Naked Scientists
  • MiPower
  • MRH Waste Management and Recycling
  • Gaslyft Hygiene
  • Gaslyft Water Solutions
  •

    Environmental Care Services

  • MRH Waste Management & Recycling
  •

    Our Core Value

    Growth Enablers

    A core attribute of the MRH Group operating model is that each of our businesses operates with a high degree of autonomy whilst enabling operating performance through the following key enablers:

    The MRH Group recognises that while great assets and strategies are critical, it is people who ultimately drive outcomes therefore attracting outstanding people and utilising their individual talents is the most critical element in striving for sustainable success.

    Top-Notch People

    The MRH Group promotes strong commercial capability across its leadership base hence employs strong financial discipline in all of its decisions across the group of companies.

    Financial Expertise

    The MRH Group encourages team members to be proactive in driving the creation of value in their businesses.

    Empowering Culture

    The MRH Group seeks to develop a culture that encourages innovation, and rewards entrepreneurial initiative and creativity.


    The MRH Group’s social responsibility focused on maintaining high standards of ethical conduct, environmental responsibility and community contribution.

    Social Responsibility

    By maintaining a strong balance sheet, the Group aims to provide a competitive cost and access to capital in order to allow the MRH Group to invest in its existing portfolio of businesses and to act when value-creating opportunities present themselves.

    Robust Financial Capacity